About Us

The Jersey Shop started out with a goal to bring sports jerseys to the market at an affordable price, while also keeping them high quality. With our love and dedication to sports, we brought up an idea. “What if we started our own store?” From that small idea, we took that and actually brought it into retrospect. Not only brainstorming on ideas as well as the wants and needs of our potential consumers. We wanted to create a way to stand out from the typical jersey sellers you see today. We wanted to express our love and passion for sports. We, as a company, represent those who want to stand out when you want to support your favorite teams and players. Those who want to make a statement when they enter a room. We drew up and created our the first prototypes for the company. The feedback was truly incredible. People asked, “Where’d you get that jersey? I've never seen one with a nickname on the back. I honestly want one.” Just from one time wearing our prototypes out in public, we knew that this was going to work. From there, we started production of our prototypes to eventually become our opening product piece. The jerseys were selling out quicker than we could produce them. We have been working hard as a team to create more products which just by word of mouth people are truly excited for the future of our company. 

- Hunter

CEO, The Jersey Plug