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The Jersey Plug  Tracking Service

Easily track your order  today


Which Shipping Carrier does The Jersey Plug Use?

Our primary carrier for orders in the United States is USPS. For orders outside of the United States, our primary carrier is ePacket.


How do I find my tracking number? 

Tracking numbers can be found in your shipping confirmation email. 

Why is there no updates shown on the tracking information?

Please note that tracking information can take a few days to update and appear on the link. Please be patient as this is standard for all orders. 

How do I track my order?

To track your order, use the tracking service below. Enter your tracking number, hit the track button, and your orders tracking will now appear.

For best results, please use a desktop device to track your order. 

Why does it say "There are multiple possibilities with this number"?

If this occurs, select USPS as the shipping carrier as they are our standard shipping provider.

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